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Do You Sea a Hero in Yourself?

Associate Care Manager Gregory is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) whose work focuses on helping aging adults and folks with limited independence by providing resources and support to help them discover and lead their best life. Gregory has been a part of CCM, Inc. for over a decade. – Charlotte

Lots of people play simple games on their phones while waiting. On this blog, we’ve often mentioned that any game play encouraging cognitive and spatial orchestration is great for the player’s cognitive future. But what if there were a fun game whose results also helped doctors learn more about dementia? That would be especially helpful, keeping our own brains sharp while we contribute to research. That sounds like double duty!

Well, set sail at full mast, because that game exists.

At first glance, “Sea Hero Quest” [iOS/Andriod link] is a fun mobile game like any other. It is special, however, because it exists to provide researchers with more data on 3D spatial cognition, often a first casualty to a dementia diagnosis. In the game, the child of a parent suffering from dementia sets out on an odyssey to recover their parent’s lost memories. On the path to discovery, there are navigation, orientation, and chasing adventures. The ways that the players advance levels is precisely the kind of valuable information hoped for; and the more people that play the game, the more information to help.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is a major player in supporting the data obtained from gameplay, and it is hoped that the information gathered will make inroads towards early detection and consequent treatment. In addition to the regular mobile version, there is also a Virtual Reality (VR) release which combines the game with scene immersion. It tracks head movement and provides even more data to researches about how players obtain information about their environment.

So, if you’re a mobile game player of any sort, consider the introductory video below, download, and start gaming! You just might have a great time helping your future self.


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