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4 More Tips for Overcoming Stress

Because it is the holiday season, we’ve talked a lot about how to overcome stress in various forms. This is due to the fact that stress isn’t just something to take lightly – it can have real health effects, especially for older loved ones and caregivers. During this time of the year, stress can be combined with sadness and nostalgia as we’ve discussed previously. So here are some more tips for seniors, caregivers, and loved ones for tackling stress.

  1. Staying active. Endorphins can be a powerful thing. The more you move, the more endorphins you’ll produce and the better you’ll feel. So take every opportunity you can to walk, run, or participate in other physical activities if you’re able. Consider it a free boost of positive energy.
  2. Talking with someone.  You may feel better if you’re able to sharing your anxieties with someone you trust. For some, this does wonders for being able to process all of the many tasks and concerns passing through a busy mind. You and that other person may be able to work out solutions too.
  3. Participate in other Activities. For caregivers, if you find yourself working all the time without doing anything that you enjoy – it may want to consider ways in which you can use some of your time to do something you like. For seniors and other loved ones, volunteering may be a good way to alleviate stress.
  4. Keep yourself organized. One of the biggest causes of stress may be disorganization. If you have a good handle with the little things in your life, it is easier to shift attention towards the big things – which may not be as overwhelming.

It is also helpful to avoid your stressors for a while. In combination with tip 3, you may simply need to take a break. For a caregiver, it might mean taking a day off. For seniors, it may be spending time away from the grandchildren. For other loved ones, it could mean something completely different.


Charlotte Bishop is a Geriatric Care Manager and founder of Creative Case Management, certified professionals who are geriatric advocates, resources, counselors and friends to older adults and their families in metropolitan Chicago.  Please email your questions to




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