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Eric Parker

“I have had the opportunity to work with Charlotte Bishop on several cases in recent years. She always goes the extra mile for my clients. Recently, though, we worked together on case involving a 95 year old with a serious cancer.

Things became particularly difficult when the doctor and hospital decided that she didn’t need to be in the hospital any longer. The client felt very ill and did not want to leave. Worse, the only available nursing home on short notice was a facility that was not particularly good.

Charlotte worked quickly to advise the client (and the client’s agent under a power of attorney), to explain her rights and to advocate for appropriate treatments at the hospital. They kept the client for several more days and stabilized her condition. In the meantime, Charlotte and the agent were able to obtain a space in a great nursing home.

The client was very appreciative and so was the agent. My client often expressed appreciation to me for suggesting Charlotte.”