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Happy Holiday Wishes from Creative Care Management

As you prepare for the big holiday feast and potentially the big snowfall that may come your way, we at Creative Care Management wanted to take time out to wish you happy holidays, good health, and an encouraging start to the New Year. This past month we’ve explored all the setbacks that might prevent maximum holiday cheer for the caregiver and how to overcome them. However, I cannot stress enough that the best way to overcome all of these obstacles is to remind yourself what these times are all about. It’s okay to be nostalgic about the past and allow yourself to feel what might be sadness and loss. But try to focus as much as you can on the present. Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends. Laugh, smile, and give yourself credit for making it as far as you have this year. Take time for yourself as needed – to breathe, to reflect, to remain centered.

If you know someone who is also a caregiver, here are some gifts you can give them in order to make their holidays easier.

Someone to listen. The best relief for a caregiver might be just having someone there to listen to their frustrations .

Support. The holidays can be more of a hectic time for caregivers. If you’re visiting a caregiver, offering to help around the house or taking care of some of the tasks on the caregiver’s plate might be an excellent present.

“Thank you.” Sometimes caregivers aren’t able to hear or see how much of an impact all of their hard work makes in tangible ways. Letting the caregiver know that their work is appreciated and that they’re doing so much good for their loved one may brighten up their holiday. It will serve as encouragement to keep going well into the New Year.

All of this said, whether you’re a caregiver or friend of a caregiver – take care of yourself and allow yourself a moment to rest during this joyous time.

Charlotte Bishop is a Geriatric Care Manager and founder of Creative Case Management, certified professionals who are geriatric advocates, resources, counselors and friends to older adults and their families in metropolitan Chicago.  Please email your questions to


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