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Caring for the Caregiver beyond the Holidays

Last week, we talked about how to overcome depression and melancholy after the holidays as a caregiver. For some, the emotions and attitudes of those around them can affect state-of-being as well. If the person you’re providing care for is also feeling down, it might weigh down on you too. We’ve said previously that it is important to take care of the caregiver in order to provide the best for your loved one. However, sometimes assessing the loved one’s emotional needs might help everyone in the household survive post-holiday blues. Here are a couple of quick tips on how to approach a senior or loved one that is feeling down after the holidays.

Sometimes a little bit of rest helps. You may not have to do anything out of the ordinary other than be there for each other and take a break. After the holidays, everyone – including the person you’re caregiving for – is probably exhausted. This can contribute to being down and out for a while. Sometimes it’s best to just let those feelings live while allowing everyone to wind down and rejuvenate after an exciting holiday time.

Feelings of nostalgia of how things used to be can affect the person you’re caring for too. After the holidays is a prime time to reflect on year’s past and about how the holiday just doesn’t feel the same. Even without engaging in feelings of nostalgia, emotional stress regarding health and finances may take its toll. Providing a positive distraction for both you and your loved one might help with these feelings. For instance, taking them out for a relaxing stroll, engaging in some form of activity, or simply having a quiet meal together may help tremendously.

Above all, simply understanding you and your loved one’s feelings– recognizing it, and doing your best to overcome them will help get you through those tough times.


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